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Our Commitment To You

Quality is important but clients want more from us. We strive to do more than just arrive, work hard, and leave with a job done well. Below are our team's commitments when working on any project:

Be Kind

This is our biggest and most important rule. We set a good impression and have strong relationships with our clients. Every member of our team will smile and greet you, making sure you are respected and feeling heard during your project. 

Dress Professionally

Even our construction crew will maintain appearances when working. We understand that this job can be dirty, but it doesn’t mean that they should come to work with a soiled or wrinkled work shirt. They will also be wearing the proper clothing to stay safe and protected.

Artificial grass installation crew in protective clothing during install.

Respect Your Surroundings

When a client or passerby is approaching the project area and our workers are using loud equipment, they have been instructed to turn the equipment off until that person leaves the area. Not only because it’s noisy equipment, but to keep everyone safe. We know that many find construction work an annoyance in their neighborhoods, so we want to minimize the noise.

Keep A Clean Area

Our install team maintains a clean and orderly job site and keeps every tool and material they use in order. This helps us know where everything is at all times and to keep a safe working environment. Clients feel better about the outcome of the installation when they look out and see a clean workspace. A clean workspace looks professional and promising.

Excellent Behavior

We have a few rules that our team must follow when working on installations. As soon as they’re near a job site, they need to behave well. They should obey the rules of the area and treat it with care. We are never obnoxious or use inappropriate language! Not only is it disrespectful and unprofessional, but it reflects poorly on our company. 

We care about quality craftsmanship, which is why all of our guidelines are put in place for the benefit of our clients. It’s about making sure you have a quality installation and also that you enjoyed working with us. Providing our customers with a great experience is what drives our business, and we can't wait to work with you! Request a free custom estimate in just a few clicks below!