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Drivable Grass: What Is It?

Learn what drivable grass is and why it's becoming more common in residential and commercial spaces. Hear when this installation method is an option, and decide if this is what your space has been missing.

Drivable Grass is a concrete pavement mat system consisting of small squares of concrete. The squares form a grid, and the mats are flexible and can move when any small ground movements occur. Since the concrete squares are small, they won’t crack and break like large concrete blocks typically would. 

This method is nice because you can fill the spaces between each square with grass, artificial grass, sand, gravel, or dirt. The excellent drainage system provided by the concrete gives you many different looks and options to choose from.

Environmental Benefits

Because it isn’t a fully paved area, it’s better for the environment. Its drainage properties allow rain to flow through it into the soil underneath. This increases on-site stormwater storage, therefore preventing one of the biggest environmental problems we face today. The water is collected and stored underground instead of flowing into the ocean, rivers, lakes, or even worse flooding the area with rainwater. 

artificial drivable grass installation in driveways and backyards

Although drivable grass is an awesome addition, how do you know if it's right for your space? Below are some examples of situations where installing drivable grass is a viable option:

Residential Areas

There are many different application options for homeowners. You can use it for your driveway, RV and boat parking, truck and car wash spaces, and outdoor shower areas. This installation method is also excellent in preventing pets from digging and damaging the surface. Installing drivable grass helps control roof runoff erosion as well! 

Commercial Areas

Drivable Grass works great in golf cart pathways, trail reinforcement, fire access lanes, emergency vehicle access drives, parking lots, drainage channels, truck maintenance, equipment yards, and service vehicle utility roads.

The truth is, these are just a few of the possibilities for Drivable Grass. Since there are so many different options available, Drivable Grass is a highly attractive installation method for residential and commercial purposes. Because of the value, InstallArtificial offers this to our clients as an added option when installing their artificial grass projects. Request an estimate today!

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