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How to Purchase Artificial Grass in Santa Clarita

Purchase Artificial Grass Online For Less

Online ordering for artificial turf is the best. No need to drive around town to compare prices and materials or turf products. You can save time and money by comparing recommendations. Plus, you don't have to go to the store. We'll ship artificial grass directly to your home. It's easy—just enter your measurements and a few details and we'll be in touch with a few options for you from industry-leading manufacturers! 

Compare Synthetic Grass Materials for Sale by Popular Turf Suppliers

Looking for a reliable supplier of artificial grass to purchase online? We're here to help!  Our website offers high-quality synthetic grass products from the most well-known manufacturers in the industry. You can browse our grass materials in an organized manner and find what you need. All synthetic grasses are categorized by brand, use, and assessment results. We review all the artificial grass products to help you find the perfect fit for your space and budget. All of our trusted manufacturers offer to ship nationwide so whatever you need is nearby. 

Order the Best Turf Online 

It can be hard to know what you’re looking for, so we’ve made it easy for you. Not every type of grass is suitable for every situation, so we’ve organized the most popular types of artificial grasses by category, use, and brand. If you’re feeling lost while shopping online, don’t worry! "Request professional advice" section to speak with an installer for more information. We're here to make your online turf purchase a breeze! 

Save Money and Relieve Your Stress

You'll save more by ordering artificial turf online with InstallArtificial. We provide a volume of requests to manufacturers to bring you artificial turf of the same high quality, at a reduced price! We work directly with these manufacturers on our installation side, so we add a layer of protection for your turf delivery. You can't lose with us leading you through! 

Online Prices For Synthetic Grass 

The price of your artificial turf will depend on a number of factors including height, weight, texture, and intended use. For this reason, it's important to work with a reputable company that only sells quality products. InstallArtificial provides high-quality artificial turf products that are long-lasting and come with warranties. We work with trusted manufacturers to ensure the best results.

Do it Yourself - With Our Support

When you install turf in your own space, we can help! Too often we find that clients order the exact square footage needed and come up short when it arrives. Or, they order too much and are stuck with the extra turf. We will review your project and recommend the dimensions and cuts for the easiest installation. If you provide measurements and photos, this is all we need. While we rely on your measurements, in most cases our advice is critical to the process.

Order Artificial Turf Online That's Best For Your Needs

This is a big decision. When you’re looking for fake grass, we have it all. Whether you want a lawn for pets, playground turf, or sports turf, we have you covered. We tested each type of fake grass in terms of its softness, cushioning, recovery rate, temperature, and ability to resist wear and tear. You’re able to compare and contrast different types in one place! Sounds easy right? 

Purchasing Recycled Turf Online 

We don't recommend buying used artificial turf online. This synthetic grass is usually from sports fields and is much different than that of residential lawns. Sports turf used on recreational fields utilizes different technologies, and will not look good on a yard. The only time we would recommend purchasing used artificial turf online is for temporary use, such as a ground cover.

Request and Receive an Interactive Proposal Within 24 Hours

We offer the best turf materials at competitive prices that others can't offer. Our team will assess your needs and provide professional suggestions for the best synthetic grass materials for you. We can also help with turf accessories and other materials needed to make sure you're set for an easy installation! 

Let professionals calculate the turf order for you!

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